The Newton Mission

Newton Construction & Management, Inc. will strive to be the predominant construction company through performance, continuous improvement, and our commitment to the following:

Quality:  Provide unparalleled high quality workmanship throughout the construction process and deliver through superior performance and service.

Integrity:  Have uncompromised commitment to do the right thing, care about our reputations and that of our clients, always improve, and deliver on our promises.  Above all, LEAD by example.  

Partners:  Employ individuals, subcontractors, consultants who strive for excellence, envision an unwavering “can-do” attitude, provide creative solutions, and make every effort to BE THE BEST.

Teamwork:  Promote a partnering environment with responsiveness, flexibility, and open communication by creating a cohesive, collaborative work platform to achieve all project goals.

Customers:  Continue and exceed the changing needs/expectations of our clients with our quality services delivered by the most qualified team in the industry.

Value:  Producing more with less through a marathon effort and provide a constant innovative balance between cost, quality, and productivity.

Safety:  Believe and enforce an injury and incident free environment through individual and company commitment and continuous education.  Never stop putting the safety and well being of each other and our client, partners, families, and friends above anything else.

We will continue to be the BEST and measure our success through fulfilling the needs of our clients, employees, subcontractors, and community.